Taggers roaming the neighborhood

One of my i-chums who blogs at Dog Is My Co-Pilot called me out on her blog the other day and asked me to play a little game we’ll call “Name That Fib.” Here’s how it works: I tell seven things about me, one of them is a lie. Your job is to pick the lie. Think you can do it?

  1. I obsess over having orange highlighter pens on hand. I’ve been known stop studying and drive to an office supply store if I don’t have one on hand.
  2. Occasionally, I pretend-type on a desk, a lap or in the air as someone is talking, just to see if I can keep up with the conversation.
  3. I could eat beans and tortilas with salsa every day. For. The. Rest. Of. My. Life.
  4. I can’t live without my weekday morning cup of coffee, but I always go without it Saturday mornings.
  5. I had my first kiss kiss at a church camp when I was 12 — right after altar call.
  6. I still crave the taste of tequila about once a year, even though I’ve given up drinking for more than six years.
  7. I was fluent in French at one point in my life and I’m still pretty good. I speak conversational German and I know a few phrases in Hungarian. My Spanish is terrible. Yeah, yeah, don’t look at the last name.


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2 responses to “Taggers roaming the neighborhood

  1. Hey JMR, you might want to add a link to your new blog on your old one…
    I think the one that’s a lie is the coffee one. As a former coffee addict, I KNOW you can’t skip a day without getting massive headaches.

  2. Adam Garay

    Hola Senor Yay,
    Como estas? Espero que muy bien. Me gusto el idea que tenias…. de est pagina electornica. Ok that sallt he spanish I can do for now. This is your cousin Adam from Phoenix

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