I have a TAPE allergy??!?

So I learned during this appendectomy ordeal that I am allergic to surgical tape, perhaps to latex and other plastics in general. After the surgery, I developed these sizable blisters — one was the size and shape of a Jujube candy. This explains why I often get a rash at weird times. When I spend too much time in front of the keyboard, when I walk barefoot on most carpet. Hmm. Not sure how I’m going to find a workaround for not itching in a plastic, postmodern universe.



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4 responses to “I have a TAPE allergy??!?

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your appendectomy ordeal–blast those Jujube blisters!–but I’m glad you’re back in the blogosphere. I missed ya!

  2. Thanks! It’s great to be back on my feet and back online. How’s it going in your world?

  3. I am experiencing the same thing now. Large blisters that look like a fish oil supplement pills under the tape that is holding down the gauze that covers the incision wounds. Doctor told me to remove the tape and gauze and just be careful around the stitches. Also, to rub hydrocortizone on the affected area.

  4. Christina

    Questions: What did you do to the blisters? How did they go away? and how long did it take?

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