Now hear this: Pastures of Plenty

The good people at the California Council for the Humanities kicked down some grant money for Pastures of Plenty: A History of California’s Farm worker. The four-part, 4-hour public radio broadcast is part of the Council’s statewide California Stories Initiative.

I happened to be home playing with my appendectomy stitches on Monday afternoon when it aired on my local NPR affiliate. It so happened that I tuned in on the day they were broadcasting episode three, which covered the braceros who worked the fields from the 1950s until 1964, and the campesinos, often former braceros who stayed to work in the fields after the federal Bracero program ended.

The series is well researched with a lot of rare audio clips of the United Farm Worker labor strikes of the 1960s and early 1970s.

You can listen to clips, extensive interviews and read transcripts at the Web site, but unfortunately, if you want to hear the whole thing you have to find a public radio station that has picked it up or buy a copy online.


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