I had a dream

Most of you who know me through this site or in person know that I’m a lighthearted, funny fellow who would be more serious, if only I weren’t so clumsy and didn’t have my father’s sense of humor. One of the man’s favorite movies is Blazing Saddles. Take it from there.

That said, I’m deadly serious when God talks to me in a dream. It has only happened a few times and when it does, I wake up disturbed. There is indeed a biblical precedent for this, starting with Abraham in Gen. 15:12-16. It is in this dream encounter with Yahweh that Abraham learns his descendants will be in captivity for 400 years.

Early Friday morning, I had a dream about the Virginia Tech massacre. I remember seeing some of the makeshift memorials and students hugging each other and crying. Then I remember getting out of my bed and kneeling beside it. I wept incessantly and prayed in tongues. This is something I do almost daily but rarely have I dreamed about it. I take it as a sign that God is trying to draw me to pray for the person, people or situation alluded to in my dream.

I’ve found that God is amazingly practical and straightforward at times like this. Get out of bed. Pray for the people involved in the Virginia Tech tragedy. One thing I’ve also learned is to avoid rationalizing God’s prompting. While there are no doubt thousands, perhaps millions of people around the world who have prayed for the people at Virginia Tech, God spoke to me and asked me to do it.

Has God spoken to anyone else in a dream? Anyone care to share their experience?


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  1. mrswing

    On several occasions I have dreamed of being in a wonderful church service. The bonus was that I felt the dream! God blessed me and I spoke in tongues (Acts 2:38) while the rest of the congregation joined in. There is NOTHING like feeling God’s presence even in a dream.


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