Chicago Tribune: Guys crying at the movies? Don’t laugh!

Trib columnist John Kass has written a brilliant — OK, not brilliant per se, but hee-larious nonetheless — rebuttal to a recent Today Show segment on 7 Movies That Make Guys Cry. The Today Show list includes “Titanic” and “Legends of the Fall,” and, as Kass opined, was obviously “created by women who just don’t get it.”

You can e-mail Kass at and suggest your tearjerker cough and sniff movies. You can also hear Kass in an interview on NPR’s Talk of the Nation at the Wednesday, April 25 edition of their site, Blog of the Nation.

Guys, what movie “does it” for you? Don’t be bashful. All female opinions will be neutralized, as long as it’s OK with my wife.

Also, check out the very funny site Old Men Crying, a send-up of the phenomenon of men crying on the down low.


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