It’s true! God rides a Harley!

The good people at Think Christian have turned up a Biker Jesus action figure. Actually, the Messiah is quite active, if the Web site at which they are sold is any indication. He quarterbacks. He plays soccer. He rock climbs — in shorts and a robe! He rides a bull. He surfs. He wears the uniform of a coalition soldier underneath his robe, holding — gasp! — a dove with a rifle slung over his shoulder. Our Savior is truly everywhere.

I would have included a photo but WordPress said it was a security risk. Even in digital form, Jesus offends. How about that?

I’m not sure what to make of it. As Think Christian opined, it could be a hoax, since each item produces a “coming soon” when you click on it. If it is true, I’m not sure this is the best way to convey Jesus as friend. I think our culture does a pretty fine job of portraying Jesus as chum and pal without the visual aid. It’s the “Jesus as Lord” we seem to overlook.


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