My first neighborhood manhunt!

A man awaiting trail on attempted murder charges escaped County Jail April 9 with the help of his girlfriend — who he tried to kill.

Eric Hu, 32, was spotted in my neighborhood around noon Thursday. He was shopping for carjacking victims. A 6 1/2-hour manhunt ensued. When I came home shortly before 5 p.m. after my boss sent me home to check on the missus, there were 4 public safety helicopters circling a large perimeter around my neighborhood.

Hu repaid a visit to my hood about 10 p.m. Thursday — where his relatives live — to try and carjack someone else, launching another manhunt that lasted until midnight. They came up empty and he’s still on the loose.

I would have placed a mugshot of Hu, but Stockton PD doesn’t have it on their site and the Stockton Record won’t let me copy the photo or the url. So much for public safety.

The drama continues. Stay tuned.


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