Blast them skeeters!

As many of you know, we live in Stockton, Calif., which I’ve come to realize is a huge breeding ground for the dreaded mosquito. I should have realized this when I noticed several levees as we were driving through the city. It appears that mosquitoes like water, too.

I must have killed close to 20 mosquitoes yesterday. These wretched little things camp out in front of our door like homeless little vampires waiting for a handout. We can’t open our door without letting a few of the little monsters inside. I’m going to apply some bug spray over the entire entryway of our apartment in the dim hope that they will take pity on us and go bug someone else.

Please take a moment and watch the wacky and hilarious mosquito cartoon from the Animalada 3-D animation studio. It takes your mind off of the itching, if only for a moment.


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