Sunday’s lesson: don’t underestimate God

I’ve written in the past about my tendency to be a skeptic. Sure, I believe in God, Satan, heaven, hell and the myriad cast of characters of which broader Christianity is comprised. It’s just that when it comes to believing the miraculous, I doubt.

I’ve been conditioned, or conditioned myself to believe that God is the Plan B if medical science doesn’t pan out. I’ve lowered my expectations to believe in salvation as more of an academic process, in which one accepts Christ’s plan for eternal life instead of a radical transformation through baptism and the infilling of the Holy Spirit. I’ve even doubted that anyone over the age of 60 could be persuaded by the drawing and wooing of the Holy Spirit to respond to the Gospel.

Please understand that I’m not giving a doctrinal position statement. Rather, I’m admitting my human frailty and carnality. I disagree with these feelings of doubt. It’s something God has been dealing with me about, and I’ve been slowly getting the message.

One of my duties as English-language evangelism director of our church is to coordinate the baptisms, which usually happen during our bilingual service on the last Sunday of the month. We were scheduled to have four baptisms. We picked up a fifth when a teen-age girl and her mother met with our pastor and expressed a desire to be baptized.

Out of nowhere, a sixth person stepped forward and asked to be baptized. He is a 66-year-old man whom others in the church had been sharing the Good News with for years. He just sort of took assessment of his life and said “OK, I guess it’s time.”

My Spanish-language evangelism counterpart ran out the building to get a change of clothes for the man, which were comically large. Hey, better to be unfashionable but at peace with God than to be a fashion-hound yet at enmity with God.

What do I know? I know enough to know that God has a way of showing up at what I would call the most illogical times. I know that I need to keep doing the routine things faithfully. I know I need to learn when to step aside and allow God to be God.

Oddly enough, I received compliment after compliment about the bang-up job I and the rest of the crew are doing, as well as offers of support

I say again: What do I know?


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One response to “Sunday’s lesson: don’t underestimate God

  1. katemeister

    Amen, brother! He works best when we step aside, doesn’t He.

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