Trust God — and keep your mouth shut

I encountered a situation several months ago where someone I love very much suffered an injustice. The preceding circumstances were caused by this person, but the consequences could have been solved by others in this person’s life. Instead, they chose to do nothing.

I was incensed, downright angry. How could they just sit there and do nothing? Couldn’t they show a little compassion and allocate a thimble-full of their rather sizable resources to come to this person’s aid? Were they blind? Or careless.

I fumed and shared my ire with my wife. Whether out of self control or out of futility, I opted to remain silent.

During a phone call to this loved one today, I learned that someone was taking action on the long-neglected problem. The cynic in me wanted to loudly proclaim “Well, better late than never,” but I didn’t.

The lesson: God does indeed listen to our prayers, even the loud, venting not necessarily addressed to the Almighty. And He does respond, in his good time. Those who respond are also learning a lesson, which is why it’s especially important to know when to keep one’s mouth shut. You might win an argument if you were to force the issue, but you may deny someone an opportunity to learn.

That would be an injustice.


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