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From the Web: Catholic, charismatic struggle continues in Latin America, U.S.

I have run across two excellent articles recently concerning the Catholic Church.

The first, from the Washington Post, focuses on how Catholic Church officials have dealt with and in some cases, embraced, the charismatic movement. An estimated 10 million Catholics are identified as charismatic, according to a Pew Center study cited in the article. (As featured in my Thursday post.)

But as waves of Latin American immigrants alter the fabric of life in much of the United States, they are leaving one of their biggest imprints on the Roman Catholic Church.

Their arrival is reinvigorating the U.S. Catholic Church’s charismatic movement, which had been in decline since peaking in the 1980s. In recent decades, the movement — a type of worship that includes faith healing and prophesying — has swept across Latin American countries such as Mexico, Colombia and Brazil, where Catholic leaders are using rock-star priests and beachfront Masses to stem the defections of their flock to born-again Christian faiths. (From In U.S., Hispanics Bring Catholicism to Its Feet. The Church Offers Livelier Services for a Growing Constituency of Charismatics. Washington Post, May 7, 2007) Continue reading


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Flotsam and Jetsam

A few unresolved thoughts from Monday, as I sit at the kitchen table and feast on avena (as it was known in my house as a child), toast with jam and organic coffee:

  • I suppose I’m such an outspoken critic of injustice because I watched my mother practice this principle for all of my life. My brothers and I used to joke that she had a habit of “collecting” people, the way a person collects stamps or antiques. Rare was the Sunday she went to church without a bag of clothes or books for a family less fortunate than ours. Continue reading

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