This just in: hot teaching assignment

My ministry 2.0 experience, the years following my return to God in the fall of 2000, has been characterized by one teaching assignment after another. I’ve had the privilege of teaching:

  •  An topical adult class on Sunday mornings at our church in Salinas.
  • A Thursday-evening examination of the book of Romans at our church in Monterey.
  • Individual and small-group Bible studies.
  • An occasional Thursday-evening topical study to our English adult congregation at our current church.

I’ve been selected to teach the adult English portion of our family camp, held each Memorial Day Weekend. Since the missus and I are relative newbies to this congregation, it’s quite an honor to be selected for the task. There’s a tremendous amount of planning that will go into this, and there isn’t much time.

That said, I have to laugh at God’s providence. The overarching theme of the camp is “My Home: An Evangelism Tool,” and it’s uncanny how my course of study at Fuller has prepared me for this. I’m going to:

  • touch on the theme of nominalism.
  • hand out a few questionnaires to gauge where we are as a group regarding our personal commitment to God.
  • identify benchmarks where we excel and fail.
  • Divide into small groups to brainstorm what we can do to transform our Monday-through-Saturday evangelism.
  • Equip the people with resources they will actually use.
  • Pray and encourage them.
  • Break for lunch and take a nap in the sun.

Has anyone out there taught in a retreat-style setting and have some ideas to share? I’m all ears.



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2 responses to “This just in: hot teaching assignment

  1. Sounds very well-organized and primed to help others’ spiritual growth. In other words, sounds like fun! Awesome the way that God is using you.

  2. Thanks! I feel so privileged. As the old song goes, “If you could see where Jesus brought me from to where I am today, you would know the reason why I love him so.”

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