Stockton Record: Eric Hu posted on “America’s Most Wanted” Web site

Eric Hu, a fugitive who is wanted on charges of attempted murder, has made the big time. His mug has been reported on the “America’s Most Wanted” Web site, according to a Stockton Record report published Wednesday.

I first blogged about Hu on April 27, following a wild manhunt that started in my neighborhood.  We live in a pretty decent neighborhood. Decent is a relative term in Stockton, mind you. One of the joys and challenges of living in such a diverse city is the utter unpredictability of neighborhoods and public spaces. Horrendous crimes have occurred in high end retail centers, while our church, clearly on a slightly shabby part of town, feels very safe to me.

Eric, if you’re reading, please turn yourself in. Violence isn’t the way to go. Your life still has a purpose, and God’s hand is not shortened that it cannot save you.



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3 responses to “Stockton Record: Eric Hu posted on “America’s Most Wanted” Web site

  1. I remember when Richard Allen Davis murdered Polly Klass up in Peteluma, and the odd feeling that followed when we, as kids, learned that he had recently been at the Napa State Hospital across the street from our neighborhood. Nothing like having a nationally know fugitive next door!

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