Yabba-Dabba Dino-licious! Creation Museum opens in — where else? — Kentucky

Ken Ham, brainchild of The Creation Museum in Petersburg, Ky., poses with one of the Utahraptors.

I am a Christian. I earnestly love Jesus and do my best to obey the Bible’s teachings. I went to college. I have a full set of teeth* in my rather over-sized yet underused head.

Despite my shortcomings, I work very hard at representing Christianity as a compassionate, engaging, intellectually challenging and rational endeavor. So, when the national media picks up on The Creation Museum‘s grand opening in Petersburg, Ky., I just cringe.

Why do I cringe, you ask? Isn’t this a glorious occasion for all of Christendom, when the multitudes of skeptic evolutionists will finally come to their senses?

Not exactly.

Ken Ham, who felt a calling to build the creation museum 25 years ago, believes a number of things I simply can’t support. Among them:

  • God actually created the earth in six days, as in six 24-hour cycles.
  • The Earth is actually 6,000 years old.
  •  In a world plagued by global warming, the crisis in Darfur, the persecution of Christians around the world, the continued suppression and violence against women around the world, the ongoing poverty and spiritual need of those in the 10-40 Window that a $27 million museum to creationism took priority.

Granted, we all have our pet issues. As a Christian, I place importance on understanding and defending one’s faith, even to the point of evangelism. Now there’s an unpopular word. (More on the topic of evangelism as I see it in future posts. I’m going through a period of radical change on the matter and wish to share.) I don’t see how this museum will do little more than convince the already convinced to believe what they already believe — preach to the choir, to borrow a cliché.

The media seems to harp on the opening full-action display of children playing near a waterfall, while dinosaurs munch on leaves nearby. Going on the premise that the whole of Genesis is accurate, this diorama isn’t too far fetched. Biblically speaking, it wasn’t until after the Flood that man developed the taste for flesh. It has been argued that in the pre-Flood existence, vegetarianism extended to the animal kingdom as well.

Has anyone visited the museum? What say ye, the blogosphere?

P.S. Here’s an additional New York Times travel story on the museum, with more photos and a multimedia doodad!

 *excluding four molars which were removed at age 18.


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2 responses to “Yabba-Dabba Dino-licious! Creation Museum opens in — where else? — Kentucky

  1. katemeister

    hey jay — my first reaction was, HA! There’s to ya, Darwin adherents! But fast on the heels of that thought was, ‘Whaaaaa? Oh, c’mon.’ Based on similar reasonings as yours.
    I guess if I felt it was just that important to ‘get to the bottom’ of exactly how old the planet is (we can’t, anyway), or exactly what was alive and when, I’d be a lot more into it. But, like you, I think there are more important things. Jesus didn’t seem too concerned about it, anyway, as I recall.
    It gives the home-schooled of Kentucky a worthy field trip, I suppose.

  2. Aiy! I know, I don’t really want to be so critical but great googly moogly!, I hate being pigeonholed as an untraconservative supporter of the war in Iraq who believes the world was created in six days. Eeek. And like you, I do indeed believe God created the heavens and the earth. I’m reading this fascinating book right now, I Sold My Soul on eBay about the guy who put up his soul to the highest bidder on eBay. He’s an atheist who has since visited a number of well-known churches. Kate, you have to read this book. I’ve just read the introduction and I’m blown away.

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