Court drop-kicks “bong hits” appeal through goal posts of life

Get it on, Bang a Bong, Get it on...

In easily the most bizarre news item of the day, the Supreme Court ruled 5-3 that school administrators can punish students for statements that promote illegal activity.

The event in question occurred in January 2002, according to blog site Lift While Climbing,

as the Olympic torch relay wound through Juneau, Alaska, en route to the winter games in Salt Lake City. As the torch passed by the school, student Joseph Frederick and friends unfurled the banner across the street from campus apparently to attract the attention of television cameras.

More analysis of this will follow tomorrow, I’m sure. The SF Chronicle, from the city that knows a thing or two about bongs, stumbled first out the gate with a lengthy piece on the ruling, not even the recent 25 percent reduction of its newsroom staff could keep them from leading the news cycle.

Anthony Spicoli humor aside, this confirms what I’ve said for years — we’ve run out of things to do. What other explanation is there for “Bong Hits for Jesus,” additional holes in one’s head

and the vaunting of all things 80s?

My high school crush said I reminded her of Duckie

That’s all for now. The crotchety old man is signing off to read The Yiddish Policemen’s Union, the latest offering from Wonder Boy Michael Chabon. Anyone else reading it? What is everyone else reading this summer?


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One response to “Court drop-kicks “bong hits” appeal through goal posts of life

  1. katemeister

    hey, I’ve been seriously pondering whether to read that one! Please let me know what you think. I haven’t read Chabon before.
    I’m gonna read Laurie King’s latest (does a writer exist who doesn’t live in the Bay Area or NYC??), and I’m feeling seriously tempted by ‘On Chesil Beach.’ Also, I won’t lie. If I could find a way to borrow that tell-all on Lady Di for free (what’s that? Library, you say? What a quaint notion!) I’d be a wee bit tempted by that, too.

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