In addition to taking a month off, I recently …


BOUGHT A HOUSE! Yep, the missus and I wrote out a check for an insane amount of money, by my estimation, for what the banking industry calls a good faith deposit.

It’s an adorable craftsman-style bungalow built in the early 1920s, on a tree-lined street with built in cabinets, french doors that open to the front porch and a big back yard on which our future children will play.

We’re right down the street from Victory Park, a lovely local park near University of the Pacific, and home to the Haggin Museum. The museum has an amazing array of exhibits for its size; they also sponsor docent-led art excursions to San Francisco and beyond.

We howled all the way home about how grown up we feel. We celebrated our four-year wedding anniversary Thursday. Now we’ve passed another milestone.



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3 responses to “In addition to taking a month off, I recently …

  1. Eric

    Aye Jay!


    and, Welcome Back.

  2. Ema

    I love it, Jay!

    Hey, you might make sure the plumbing is no longer galvanized and that the wiring is up to date.
    Our house is just 20 years older –we just had the the galvanized plumbiing replaced.
    I love your new house, just love it, kids!

  3. Cousin Eric: Thanks!

    Ema: The wiring is partly updated, i.e. there’s a circuit breaker system and not a fuse box. The galvanized pipes are still there but appear to be in good condition — for now.

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