More photos of the house

It appears the Rivera Family is in escrow. We still can’t believe it. It’s a bit removed from my teen-age dream of renting a warehouse loft in Paris, but we’re near a museum. I suppose that has cachet.

Enough of my blabbering, on with the show. (Click on the photos to enlarge.)

The curb shot. I love the amount of old-growth trees in my hood.


The front porch. The French doors open to the dining room. I can see many Sunday afternoons al fresco dining in our future.


The living room, complete with original hardwood floors in fabulous condition.


The dining room, with built in hutch. I can’t believe we bought this place. It’s everything we were looking for.


The study nook. It’s big enough to be functional and small enough to contain the sprawl. Notice the small hole in the wall at right. I don’t even have to come to dinner! The missus can just feed me sandwiches through the hole! Lapses in productivity solved!


The kitchen. Small but functional with windows. The open floor plan creates a lot of ambient light.


I see a remodel in the future, beginning with that forest green shower curtain. Blech.


The rather sizable bedroom. After living in apartments for several years, it’s odd to have so much space.


Bedroom No. 2, more than ample for a crib, as my mother has noted.


The laundry room is in a separate room surrounded with windows in the back of the house. Steps in front of the railing lead to the basement.


The detached, single-car garage with an adjoining room. We’ll need to buy a garage door, but there isn’t much need for  safeguarding my old clunker.


The back of the house and part of the yard.

The rest of the yard. They even put in a new fence.



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6 responses to “More photos of the house

  1. Congratulations to you guys on your new digs!

  2. Many thanks, Deb. We had our home inspection this afternoon. Our home has a few nicks and scratches but all things considered, she’s a beaut.

  3. I won’t let Aunt Martha see this since she’ll want to find a house like that and probably want to move over there to your neighborhood and all that comadre stuff.
    I’ll just tell her you found a real “poresito” fixer-upper and that you asked for prayer or something like that. (Remember what I said about blogs last time. I felt like I was going to Madera & wound up in Manhatten by mistake.)

  4. so lovely! congratulations!

  5. patricia

    i love it!!! congratulations again!!!!

  6. Thanks, Patricia! I can’t wait to have the two of you over for dinner. We can open the French doors in the dining room and have a little al fresco dining. Then we can go for a walk and work off my wife’s good cooking.

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