Random Monday thoughts


The Missus packs away the Biblical commentary collection while looking resplendent in contrasting colors of the season. Yowza!

Five boxes: a good start, only a start.

  • The packing is going so-so. After an initial rush, we’ve slowed to a crawl. I should be worried, but why start so early when I can worry the night before the move?
  • God has been talking to me lately about being unselfish with my time. I keep praying for Him to show me people to whom I can be charitable. And he plops them in my lap. Their lives are complicated, they have multiple needs and I’m but one middle-aged, undercaffeinated, sleep-deprived person. But they keep coming into my life. My lesson for the week: if I ask God to use me to reach out to the underrepresented, I don’t get to set the terms. Of course their lives will be complicated. Of course they will present more needs than you can possibly meet. Deal. Or drop out of your master of divinity program and find something else to do with your weekends.
  • I helped an ex-foster kid today get to the DMV to take his motorcycle operator’s test. There were hordes of people having their picture taken, taking exams and taking their driving test, including teen-agers and their parents. When I found myself stressing about how long it took, I reminded myself that this kid lives in a group home and has zero support. You can’t help but like this kid, who has few social skills and almost no filter. Which explains how the kid conned me into adding a trip to the DMV after lunch. The kid passed — and doesn’t have a motorcycle.
  • While at the DMV, I saw a mother with her two small children, who were swinging on the handicapped bars next to the drinking fountain. She repeatedly asked them to stop in that whiny parental voice that does absolutely nothing. After the younger kid took a spill and started crying, she got up and walked them around the building. Her shirt read: “Spin the Bottle Champion.” I assume she didn’t speak English.
  • Smart alec comment of the night goes to the wife. I complained for the thousandth time about the lousy reception from our local reception. That’s it, I’m going to write them a letter.” “Why,” she replied, “so they can ask you to contribute?”

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