Overheard at foster parent orientation

Me: So, the first step in becoming certified as a foster parent is to decide you are inter–

Guy: I have a question.

Me: Sure, go ahead.

Guy: I had a little CPS (child protective services) issue a while back with my stepson. Would that have any effect on my becoming a foster parent?

Me: Well, each case is different, and I don’t have enough information to speak to your case directly. Why don’t we get together after the presentation and you can fill me in on the details.

Where do these people come from?



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3 responses to “Overheard at foster parent orientation

  1. At least he was stupid enough to let himself be known before we got any further folks. Can you imagine if we had no laws? Aye Caramba!

  2. Tim

    wow, my wife used to recruit foster parents and she always said “be upfront about everything, because we WILL find out. It’s much better if you tell us ahead of time”. Still many waited for it to come up on their criminal record.

    If you’d like to hear more about our experiences as foster parents check out: http://fosterpodcast.wordpress.com

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