Tio’s timeshare


The missus and I are still trying to navigate the seemingly hopeless waters of purchasing a home. Things came to a head Friday when our loan didn’t fund on time. This meant that our loan wasn’t recorded on time, meaning Friday. This had a number of ramifications.

  1. We didn’t get the keys to our place. We won’t get them until Tuesday.
  2. We rescheduled the rental date for our moving truck.
  3. We rescheduled the moving date for our party.
  4. We extended the lease on our apartment. Another bill.
  5. We wasted a perfectly good three-day weekend. Sort of.

So, with the moving project going down in flames, we did the logical thing. We left the 100-degree plus temperatures and headed to Capitola, a charming beach community about 90 minutes south of San Francisco. My uncle has a timeshare there and it was his week to have fun. We ate too much red meat, courtesy of my dad, who doesn’t do anything small. We didn’t catch Gayle’s, our favorite bakery ANYwhere, but we had a good time watching Cal trounce Tennessee 45-31. Heh.

I hope all of you have a relaxing Labor Day. I’ll upload some more photos as soon as I reduce the file size. The process is painfully slow, and the missus is shooting me dirty looks and threatening to hit the Labor Day shoe sales, if I don’t get my rear in gear.

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