Update: Grandma’s doing a little better

My grandmother feels better about being in a nursing home, my mom reports. I’m not quite sure why, but she has been feeling anxious and scared. My grandmother explained to my wife and I that she worries something may happen to her and that the staff won’t respond in time. For the past month, she has been feeling as she can’t breathe. She also lost her voice at the same time.

The doctor’s say it’s all in her head, but I wonder. They haven’t ordered any tests. Here’s a little dark secret about the elderly: doctor’s will let a lot go because some things aren’t the trouble, they say. My grandmother has heel spurs, ganglion cysts and a host of other maladies that the doctors aren’t going to treat because “she’s too old,” or because “she wouldn’t survive/recover.”

My mom took her for a spin in a wheelchair for eight blocks or so. I think it did wonders for her mind. Grandma needs to believe she isn’t condemned to a bed to die. I hope this convinces her.


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