Shameless plug: Jephthah’s Tent

Brian LePort, a fellow seminarian and all-around decent chap started a blog recently, Jephthah’s Tent, a gathering place for former, current and transitioning Pentecostals. I’ve been asked to contribute to the site, which I plan to do regularly.

The site’s name draws from — oh, I’ll let Brian explain it. His version is much more eloquent:

Jephthah’s Tent was an idea that was birthed out of a discussion that took place between a half dozen or so people who all shared a common experience. That experience was that each and every one of them had at one point been part of the Oneness Pentecostal or Apostolic Assembly movements (but the discussion is open to all Christians from all families of the faith). Some sought to reform from the inside while others felt that it was best to realign with the global church and in doing so still hold conversation with those who remained in these movements.

The Tent is also a place of confession, repentance, prayer, and edification. It is where we have come–in an odd post-modern way–to begin moving forward together. If you have a desire to participate in this nomadic journey into the unknown then this is a place you will find most enjoyable.

The concept behind Jephthah’s Tent is the Hall-of-Fame of Faith inductee (Hebrews 11:32) who was rejected by those of his own tribe only to find over time that God wanted him to be there for those very people in their struggles (Judges 11:1-28). So here we are. We are nomads. We are walking wherever God may lead us. And we are talking. Sit down for a moment and join us. (From About Jephthah’s Tent)

Do join us. Regardless of your theological bent, or if you have no theological bent, you are welcome.


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