OK, so maybe God is listening

I struggle figuring out how and when God intervenes (or interferes) in humankind’s affairs. Anyone who doesn’t struggle with this is a big fat faker and is doing it wrong.

My weekend illustrates my point perfectly. We were headed to San Bernardino to celebrate my in-law’s 60th wedding anniversary. Somewhere along Highway 99 late Friday night, I lost my cell phone near Turlock. A man in Fresno calls my mother, who calls me Saturday afternoon to say that he found my phone and would like to return it to me.

Fresno is at least 80 miles south of Turlock on Highway 99. The man who found it is a Hispanic Pentecostal minister, which is relevant only because I am Hispanic and an aspiring minister.

About an hour before my mom called, I discovered that my phone was missing. My wife said I should try calling my phone.

“You never know,” she said. “Someone may have found it.”

“Nah, I know what happened. A bunch of meth heads found it and sold it for drug money.”

My wife has this way of relenting with a strained smile when I go on one of my “Everything in the world is messed up” tirades, like I did about the phone.

And when we discover she was right, she never throws it back in my face, although it’s warranted most of the time. A characteristic of our relationship is that we are more preoccupied with pleasing and attending to the other person, we don’t dwell on who is right or wrong.

God doesn’t throw it back at me when I blow it either. I’ve kind of decided to categorize this one under “Divine Intervention” and not “Coincidence. But what does it mean, other than God loves me and is concerned with the smaller details of my life? My wife prayed that it would turn up because we really can’t afford to buy a cell phone right now.

So, was this an answered prayer or something that was supposed to turn out this way anyway? Maybe I’m thinking too much about this.



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2 responses to “OK, so maybe God is listening

  1. Denise

    whether it was a blessing or just dumb luck it is just amazing that you got your phone back so fast. i have returned a phone to someone by means of calling mom (or whoever else looks good in the phonebook). yes, we must always count our blessings in whatever form they may come.

  2. katemeister

    Wow. Your marriage doesn’t sound like much fun.

    JOKING, I’m JOKING … 😉

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