Praying in the garden

I knelt and prayed in my vegetable garden this morning. It wasn’t a theologically profound exercise in which I invoked the Almighty to intercede in the affairs of man, ecce homo.

No, it wasn’t a grand, pompous affair. I simply asked God to help me with my day and to represent him well in everything I did. My hands rested face down in the dirt, a reminder of Abraham’s declaration to God that he was “but dust and ashes.” (Gen 18:27 NASB) My prematurely wrinkled hands looked oddly beautiful in the soft dirt, inches away from my incoming crop of zucchini and green beans.

I couldn’t overcome the temptation to pray for my minuscule patch of land, that the assortment of heirloom tomatoes, carrots, chili and bell peppers, zucchini and green beans would somehow be a blessing to everyone who comes to our home. As corny as it seems, I’ve become personally involved with these plants. When my bell peppers didn’t take off — and still haven’t — I scratch my head and go over everything I’ve done to give them a good start. When my impatiens and violas I planted from seed didn’t germinate, I went online for answers.

I’m sure God must feel this way about us: watching, nourishing protecting and then wondering why his initiatives don’t take as he expected them to. It must be frustrating to see us make a mess of things continually and having to rescue us. I’m so grateful he does.


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  1. mrswing

    Well prayed. Thank you Father for allowing Jay Michael to enjoy your good earth, given to us for our enjoyment. Bless Jay, Amelia, their home, garden and all you have blessed them with. Truly You have been wonderful to them.

    Kinda reminds me of the evangelist that lived with us, Bro. Meyer. He would pray over the fruit trees he planted in our yard and invite my parents to “lay hands” on the trees. Years later when renovating the home and property (he was long gone), these tree couldn’t be gotten rid of. Oh, no the saplings would grow right back. Jay, make sure when you pray, you don’t accidently have your hand on weeds.


    Mrs. Wing

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