The new look PLUS baby strollers

I’m toying around with the blog again. I want a simple look and I really like this theme. The problem(s): it only allows for one photo per page with now links/blogroll/widget column. The WP folks say that the idea, but still it would be nice to at least get additional page links at the top. I sent an e-mail to the creators of the new theme and asked them for an additional page display workaround. We’ll see.

In other news, a dear childhood friend of mine is expecting her third child and sent the missus and I links to the latest in Stroller Technology. It would appear that the strollers of tomorrowday come equipped with online training videos (not to be missed) that showcase their maneuverability and versatility while keeping their cost hidden to the casual web user.

These aren’t merely strollers — no!, thou Philistine! These are baby systems! In today global market economy, our babies must be prepared for full mobility, from crib to playdate to shopping with mother while looking fabulous. These glamorous systems allow baby to be prepared for all life demands. Please, give your child a supreme act of sacrifice and get them the accessories they need. Don’t delay. Your child is counting on you.

OK, in all seriousness, I want one. A cup holder, an interlocking travel system, I’m all over it. Now if I can only get the book deal to accompany this lavish must-have item.

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