The Man is at it again

So, I roll up to get gas for our weekend of camping and I see this:

ripping me off since 1970

Yes, America, it’s time for the annual gas price hike. On Monday, I went to a gas station in my town and bought gas for $3.91 per gallon. I returned to the same brand of gas station this morning and purchased gas for $4.03 per gallon. Nothing drastic happened in the world in four days. The Man has done this every Memorial Day weekend, as it has done for years, because they can.

I know I sound like a cantankerous old goat, the kind that regularly show up at city council meetings and gripe about potholes and shopping carts left in the neighborhood, but this is ridiculous! That I should live to see the day when I cruise around town in search of cheap gas and think $3.91 per gallon is a good deal.


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