And yet…

I still have doubt about whether I belong in Seminary. I wonder if my time, talents and money would be better suited at a graduate level creative writing program somewhere — not that I could find that around here.

Because I work full time, have an active life at church and enjoy sunlight, I have elected to attend school part time. But at my current pace, it will take a L-O-N-G time to complete my degree: five years on the low end, 7.5 years on the high end. This is after I’ve invested 1.5 years into the program. Even if I were a full-time student, it would take me about four years to complete the Master of Divinity program from start to finish.

I realize it’s about the journey, but when the journey is in a ’73 Ford Galaxie with vinyl seats, no air conditioning and a motor that tops out at 50 miles per hour, the quality of the journey is severely compromised.



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4 responses to “And yet…

  1. mrswing

    So where would you be in seven and a half years, otherwise? Take it from one who knows, time flys.

    At age 60 I have many regrets, education is a major one, use me for a bad example.

    Education is worth driving around with vinyl seats, small price to pay when you look at the big picture. Besides God and family, education should be of utmost importance. Learn to balance what little time you have between the most 3 important things in your day. Cut your day in little pieces and spread the majority of your time with these. Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today.

    Hopefully when your my age you won’t have the same regrets I do.

  2. Eric

    …and don’t forget the sage wisdom passed along by a middle-aged fellow once encountered at a stop light on Alisal. As he idled there in his ragged 15 year old Cadillac convertible, his arm around a tired bleach-blonde, he quips…”if you can’t go 1st class, go 2nd class!”

  3. Jay

    Aiy! Eric. How could I forget one of my favorite family stories? Whoever and wherever that guy is, I hope he realizes how much he is quoted among the Schiveley family. If only we had it on video…

  4. Rika Dotson

    Hi Jay – Don’t despair! As I mentioned earlier, it has taken Brian 21 years to get his Bachelor’s degree but at the end of this month he will have it. He has faced many obstacles, some good some bad, between the time he graduated from college in the 1987 — from lack of money to pay to continue his education, health issues, marriage, work, travel for work, even a lack of faith in himself — but with God’s blessing he has persevered and at the end of June, he will walk across the stage at HP Pavilion and we will gather afterward to celebrate his realization of a dream that has been long deferred but never abandoned. You will do the same for your advanced degree and as always we will be here to support and push and cheer you on, no matter how long it takes. Promise.:)

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