Fightin’ The Man

The cost of milk at our grocery store has increased from $3.89 per half-gallon to $4.09. Gas continues to rise to about $4.39 per gallon for regular unleaded. By the way, does anyone remember when “regular” meant “leaded” and not “entry-level unleaded”? Just curious.

We were nearly out of milk and I had just made coffee for my long evening of writing, so after my wife made this discovery and resisted the urge to throw a small appliance or piece of cutlery, we hopped in our ’93 Honda Accord, affectionately dubbed by our friends as our “big car.”

As we left the store with our coveted milk and approached our car, a twentysomething in a Chevy Blazer comes up to us and says “Hey, do you want to sell your Honda? The gas is killing me.” I assumed he meant the gas in his vehicle, but you never know. There’s a taqueria that stays open late just down the street.

I heard something on NPR the other day that simply startled me. Due to the current gas crisis, the lowly Geo Metro is the eco-chic vehicle of the season. Sure enough, a Google search revealed the Metro is getting the ink, like this May 20 online CNN article.

My Hyundai, also the laughingstock among my family and friends, gets decent gas mileage but in fightin’ The Man, it’s never enough. That’s why after months of scrimping and saving the extra money from my freelance writing gigs, I’m weaning myself off the gas.

I live less than 5 miles from my job and it’s mostly flat streets, so minus the 100-plus-degree temperatures and the insane drivers in this town, I think I’ll be fine. I’m psyched! Something about having a red bike that makes me want to get up and sing. Woot woot!



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2 responses to “Fightin’ The Man

  1. Denise

    hey red bikes are fun. i have a red Giant Mountain bike (24 speed) that gets me around plenty. i have ridden by plenty of guys that then proceed to change gears and pass me and i just laugh because i am not in a race and they can be in front if they really want to. i have also been riding around and found myself in a pack of real cyclists riding road bikes. i love it when i manage to keep up with their pace. it just makes one feel so good. one day i will be like them and have a road bike too until then i will keep riding my mountain bike (or as i affectionately refer to it my little red porsche).

  2. Denise

    i do like your bike. looks cool.

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