Bike riding: not as easy as you remember

I went out for a 40-minute ride on my bicycle and OH, SAY! do those quads and calves feel like Jell-O. Muscles I haven’t used in, well, I’m not sure how long clamored out in pain. My left knee hurts and kept popping — I’m assuming that’s bad. My wrists actually went numb from being stuck in a certain position too long. I think I was locking my elbows.

Physical maladies aside, I had a great time exploring my neighborhood. I found a secret passageway that connects to UOP. I saw some old bald guy in a T-shirt that lives in this grand, old colonial style home with a giant oak tree in the middle. He made what can only be described as a “WOOT WOOT!” as he strolled into his garage to fetch something. My neighborhood is a strange world when viewed from a bicycle. It’s as if the veneer of stateliness is removed, revealing the rich, eccentric kooks who inhabit these historic homes.


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One response to “Bike riding: not as easy as you remember

  1. Denise

    oh yea and wait until you can not walk because your hamstrings are so incredibly tight. you start seeing 80 year old ladies passing you by in their walkers and all that you can do is to wave and smile. it will be ok. in due time you will start to ride faster and looking for anything that might resemble a hill, but it takes time.

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