Five years of wedded bliss

The wife and left the maddening heat of the city and headed for Calaveras County (yes, of the Celebrated Jumping Frog variety), where my dear had spied out a nice place for us to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary. The establishment had a quaint garden in the front, where we retired when it was tolerable to be outside. The Central Valley heat has been relentless this week.

In five years we have lived in four different places, have been members of three different churches, have had three visits to the emergency room (all my doing), one appendectomy followed by an extended hospital stay, worked at six different places (four for me, two for the wife), endured one blown clutch, one blown transmission, sold one car and purchased another, purchased a home and slew of other statistics I can’t remember.

We made it. We’re making it. We will make it. Of all my accomplishments, I am probably most proud of finding my wife on the Internet, chatting her up, getting a first date, a second, a third and eventually a “yes” when I asked her to marry me.

I love you, dear. Here’s to five more.


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7 responses to “Five years of wedded bliss

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  2. Eric

    Aye Jay~

    Congratulations to you and your bride. Doesn’t time seem to pass by so quickly when one is content?

  3. Denise

    you will do well — you have probably endured the worst of what you will have to. Good Luck and here is to many more years of wedded bliss.

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  5. Rika Dotson

    I can’t believe I missed your anniversary…doh! A belated card is in the mail to you as I type. Bri and I are really happy for the two of you…has it already been 5 years?! I too am glad Jay chatted up a nice girl from Colton because as we always say they grow ’em right in the Inland Empire. The wife rocks! And I am so glad the two of you are in our lives, even if it is further away than we would like. Happy Anniversary (plus a few days) – Luv ya!

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