The envy of Rose Street

Some of you may recall the air strike our landscape gardener called on our front yard. After several weeks of installing sprinklers, building a retaining wall and installing grass, we are now looking quite respectable.

We still haven’t finished putting plants in the front. I’m still researching drought-tolerant and shade-loving varieties. Stay tuned.



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3 responses to “The envy of Rose Street

  1. Denise

    it looks good even without the added plants. i wish i had the gardener gene that could consistently do the gardening as it is i can only do it when the spirit moves me every once in a while which drives my mom crazy.

  2. Jay, last month while visiting you and my dear sis, I remember going to sleep that Friday evening and the spot where a lawn was at one time was spread over with earth. There were irrigation sprinkler heads peaking out of the ground as if laughing at itself and anyone else who happened to look at it’s ‘lawn’. Healthy looking earth but earth it was.
    Early the next morning I left for a class and the sprinkler heads were still laughing. I returned from the class at around 4pm and I just stared at your lawn — it was so green and oh so pretty! What with the flowers and plants you had previously set in place your new house was smiling at me as I drove up alongside the curb out front. You and wife and a lovely, lovely and very peaceful home.

  3. The yard looks great! Keep up the good work!

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