About the blog

I Write The Blogs is a smorgasbord, a potluck actually, of theological issues of the day, musings on married life, foreign policy, immigration, art, family photos, childhood memories. Don’t try to figure it out. There is truly no plan, other than trudging through seminary and responding to the promptings of God’s Spirit, as I try to live a life of simple, Christ-like obedience.

But don’t let that turn you off. I’m really just an over-educated, underpaid nutball whom God inexplicably chose to use for his purpose. Feel free to opine, disagree, rant and retort. Just be decent. You may receive extra points if you’re funny.

2 responses to “About the blog

  1. Dorothy Jonaitis OP

    I’m wondering what you think of the book I wrote? Unmasking apocalyptic texts. It says you are reading it. And what is this site?

  2. Dear Dorothy,
    My apologies for not writing sooner. In a word, your book is phenomenal. It was required reading for my Hebrew Prophets Class at Fuller Seminary. It’s definitely a keeper, and I plan on keeping it “at the ready” through my seminary education and during my ministry.
    Many thanks for taking the time to write.
    A note on the site. It’s a personal blog with a smattering of theology, news of the day, humor, family news and pop culture. I was a newspaper reporter and columnist for a number of years. I guess you could say this is my creative outlet.

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