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One ink cartridge, several pots of coffee, a week’s worth of late-night writing sessions and several pieces of paper later. I am finished with my Hebrew Prophets class. Hallelujah. Off to get some frozen yogurt and take a much-deserved nap.

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I’m (almost) finished

My whale of a paper on Jonah is almost complete. It’s probably the best work I’ve ever done and, no surprise, the most grueling. Let’s just say that my days of applying a undergraduate’s worth of effort to a graduate course are long, long gone.

I’ll be back, when the day is new, and I’ll have more ideas for you. And you’ll have things you’ll want to talk about. I will, too. 

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This just in: hot teaching assignment

My ministry 2.0 experience, the years following my return to God in the fall of 2000, has been characterized by one teaching assignment after another. I’ve had the privilege of teaching:

  •  An topical adult class on Sunday mornings at our church in Salinas.
  • A Thursday-evening examination of the book of Romans at our church in Monterey.
  • Individual and small-group Bible studies.
  • An occasional Thursday-evening topical study to our English adult congregation at our current church.

I’ve been selected to teach the adult English portion of our family camp, held each Memorial Day Weekend. Since the missus and I are relative newbies to this congregation, it’s quite an honor to be selected for the task. There’s a tremendous amount of planning that will go into this, and there isn’t much time. Continue reading


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Going Greek, going, going, gone!

mounce.jpgIt was bound to happen. If you go to a class often enough, the odds are pretty good that you will learn something. After two-and-a-half semesters of ancient Greek, I can now read and translate passages. I can look at a verb and, on a good day, I can tell you if it’s in the present active indicative, 1st aorist indicative or subjunctive tense. I never thought I’d make it to this point, but here I am. Hallelujah. The semester will be finished in roughly five weeks. Amazing.

 To give you an idea of what I’ve been struggling with, take a look at the link. When your eyeballs have had enough, select an English translation from the drop-down to compare.

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