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God works, God is working

There are a number of things happening in my life, and the lives of those close to me, that I have to keep under wraps. That’s the rub about blogging: some of the (potentially) best material comes from some of my readers, whose lives I do not exploit — at least not yet.

In seriousness, I will lift the embargo on some of these items as they become available. For the moment, trust me on this: God works.


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OK, so maybe God is listening

I struggle figuring out how and when God intervenes (or interferes) in humankind’s affairs. Anyone who doesn’t struggle with this is a big fat faker and is doing it wrong.

My weekend illustrates my point perfectly. We were headed to San Bernardino to celebrate my in-law’s 60th wedding anniversary. Somewhere along Highway 99 late Friday night, I lost my cell phone near Turlock. A man in Fresno calls my mother, who calls me Saturday afternoon to say that he found my phone and would like to return it to me. Continue reading


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And so it begins

I was one of about 30-plus guys who began the ordination process Thursday, at a district convention service with all the officialness, pomp and regalia one would expect.

I went into it with a little bit of trepidation. There remains something of a bohemian hedonist in me that shuns the notion of being a company man. And yet, when it was all over, it was a beautiful thing. God and I had a little conversation in which He, once again, reminded me of the big picture. I don’t know why God endures my selfish tirades and rants, but I’m glad he does.

Here’s a photo of the Missus and I after Thursday’s service, all aglow.


¡Hijole! I’m getting fatter every year. Day of rest or not, I’m working out today.


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Flotsam and Jetsam

A few unresolved thoughts from Monday, as I sit at the kitchen table and feast on avena (as it was known in my house as a child), toast with jam and organic coffee:

  • I suppose I’m such an outspoken critic of injustice because I watched my mother practice this principle for all of my life. My brothers and I used to joke that she had a habit of “collecting” people, the way a person collects stamps or antiques. Rare was the Sunday she went to church without a bag of clothes or books for a family less fortunate than ours. Continue reading

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Trust God — and keep your mouth shut

I encountered a situation several months ago where someone I love very much suffered an injustice. The preceding circumstances were caused by this person, but the consequences could have been solved by others in this person’s life. Instead, they chose to do nothing.

I was incensed, downright angry. How could they just sit there and do nothing? Couldn’t they show a little compassion and allocate a thimble-full of their rather sizable resources to come to this person’s aid? Were they blind? Or careless. Continue reading

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Sunday’s lesson: don’t underestimate God

I’ve written in the past about my tendency to be a skeptic. Sure, I believe in God, Satan, heaven, hell and the myriad cast of characters of which broader Christianity is comprised. It’s just that when it comes to believing the miraculous, I doubt.

I’ve been conditioned, or conditioned myself to believe that God is the Plan B if medical science doesn’t pan out. I’ve lowered my expectations to believe in salvation as more of an academic process, in which one accepts Christ’s plan for eternal life instead of a radical transformation through baptism and the infilling of the Holy Spirit. I’ve even doubted that anyone over the age of 60 could be persuaded by the drawing and wooing of the Holy Spirit to respond to the Gospel.

Please understand that I’m not giving a doctrinal position statement. Rather, I’m admitting my human frailty and carnality. I disagree with these feelings of doubt. It’s something God has been dealing with me about, and I’ve been slowly getting the message. Continue reading

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When God shows up

Every time God shows up and does the miraculous, I rejoice and then cringe at my unbelief. You would think after a year of seminary I would have this down. I don’t.

I teach Bible studies to those who have attended our church a handful of times or more and have expressed an interest in learning more about some of the finer points of Christianity. We get together at their place or ours, have some coffee and munchies and dissect the Scriptures. Continue reading

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