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The Prophet recommends…

The Prophet recommends

The Prophet recommends

In these uncertain times, it’s good to know The Prophet is still on the case, clarifying the complicated political races. All I have to do is vote for “THAT” one. And to think I’ve been agonizing at the polls all these years.

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Thus Saith the Prophet 07/31/08

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Thus Saith the Prophet 07/23/08

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Thus saith the prophet

The latest utterances from The Prophet of El Dorado Street. I’ll try to cruise by today to see if he’s created new signs. I’m still trying to figure out when he puts out new signs. It appears to be more often than weekly but beyond that, I’m not sure. Prophets are like that, I suppose.

Phil Urie is a veteran prosecutor for the San Joaquin County District Attorneys Office, who is running for Judge.

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The prophet of El Dorado Street

There is a house on our morning commute whose owner has anointed himself as the neighborhood prophet. Sort of like a block parent, for those old enough to remember the concept, only with creepier signage and no milk and cookies.

No, in true prophetic fashion, this person doesn’t ask for permission and he certainly doesn’t make apologies. He simply reportsinterprets the news. And he’s been doing this a longs as we’ve lived in Stockton. There is a pickup parked down the street with similar declarations, only bigger, on whitewashed plywood and festooned with American flags. As a service to you, dear reader, I’ll find out the pickup prophet and the prophet of El Dorado Street are one in the same. I hope to make his signage a semi-regular offering here on I Write The Blogs.

In the meantime, enjoy these gems.


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Protected: Pew Forum: Changing Faiths: Latinos and the Transformation of American Religion

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