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Back from the summer intensive

I returned last night from the summer intensive from our seminary. I cranked out a lot of work; a book review, research paper and take-home final is all that stands in the way of my free-and-clear summer. I’ll post more when I return.

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Cinema therapy

My two carpool buddies and I went to watch Iron Man after class. My two cronies, both unmarried and in their early- to mid-twenties, had seen the movie one or two times before. I won’t give too much of the plot — plot? Ha! Good one. — away, but I will say this: we were more than an hour into the move and the military still hadn’t detected Iron Man on their satellite systems. I’m writing my congressman. Our nation is asleep at the wheel while Iron Man and heaven knows who else is gallavantin’ in the no-fly zone.

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And yet again…

I went out for coffee after morning worship with three classmates and it was said that I normally don’t go out to lunch with the group. Another classmate defended me — although the observation wasn’t antagonistic in the least — and said that I have had lunch with the group before. What impressed me was the perception by at least one person in our group that I tend to isolate myself. I think there’s a lot of truth to that. It’s how I’ve lived my life for so long, it’s my default setting.

No one except my immediate family believes me when I say that for most of my life, I have been painfully shy; it has taken me years of work to get to the point where I share things openly. For some odd reason, I still feel inadequate in academic circles. I never have enough time to put into the reading and writing, like an outclassed boxer whose only hope at victor is to engage his opponent in a series of jabs, return to his corner and hope he is still standing by the end of 10 rounds.

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And yet…

I still have doubt about whether I belong in Seminary. I wonder if my time, talents and money would be better suited at a graduate level creative writing program somewhere — not that I could find that around here.

Because I work full time, have an active life at church and enjoy sunlight, I have elected to attend school part time. But at my current pace, it will take a L-O-N-G time to complete my degree: five years on the low end, 7.5 years on the high end. This is after I’ve invested 1.5 years into the program. Even if I were a full-time student, it would take me about four years to complete the Master of Divinity program from start to finish.

I realize it’s about the journey, but when the journey is in a ’73 Ford Galaxie with vinyl seats, no air conditioning and a motor that tops out at 50 miles per hour, the quality of the journey is severely compromised.


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I’m (almost) finished

My whale of a paper on Jonah is almost complete. It’s probably the best work I’ve ever done and, no surprise, the most grueling. Let’s just say that my days of applying a undergraduate’s worth of effort to a graduate course are long, long gone.

I’ll be back, when the day is new, and I’ll have more ideas for you. And you’ll have things you’ll want to talk about. I will, too. 

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Going Greek, going, going, gone!

mounce.jpgIt was bound to happen. If you go to a class often enough, the odds are pretty good that you will learn something. After two-and-a-half semesters of ancient Greek, I can now read and translate passages. I can look at a verb and, on a good day, I can tell you if it’s in the present active indicative, 1st aorist indicative or subjunctive tense. I never thought I’d make it to this point, but here I am. Hallelujah. The semester will be finished in roughly five weeks. Amazing.

 To give you an idea of what I’ve been struggling with, take a look at the link. When your eyeballs have had enough, select an English translation from the drop-down to compare.

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