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The Prophet recommends…

The Prophet recommends

The Prophet recommends

In these uncertain times, it’s good to know The Prophet is still on the case, clarifying the complicated political races. All I have to do is vote for “THAT” one. And to think I’ve been agonizing at the polls all these years.

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An open letter to a thief

Dear Thief,

The chairs you stole from our front porch weren’t heirlooms. They were silly little canvas beach chairs purchased at Tarzhay for around $20 each. (see below)


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Who you gonna call?

Martin Schongauer, St Anthony tormented by Daemons (1480 engraving)

We kicked out an unwelcome guest in our home Sunday evening.

We’re in a new house and getting used to the acoustics. We’re finding that my usual detached mumbling is insufficient for communicating in the house. Or so my wife would have me believe.

So, I was in the restroom while my wife was talking to me in the hallway. She didn’t know I was in the restroom; she was talking into the void and waiting for me to respond.

From her peripheral vision at her right, she saw a shadow pass from one doorway to the next. Thinking it was me, she kept talking. Moments later, I walk out of the bathroom from the opposite direction. There was no way I could have walked to her left unnoticed, since she was standing diagonally, with the restroom at her immediate left.

An evil spirit was living in the house. Continue reading


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Update: Authorities capture fugitive Eric Hu, pleads not guilty

Clifford Oto/The Record

Good news. Eric Hu, our local escaped convict, was apprehended without incident Tuesday after more than two months on the run. He said repeatedly to his girlfriend that he would not be taken alive. All joking aside about living through my first neighborhood manhunt, I am thankful no one was injured or killed in the arrest. I’ll sleep a little better at night knowing he’s behind bars. I can’t believe he was going door to door on my street and trying to take people hostage and stealing their cars.

Hmm, we were going to wait a year before buying a home, now I’m thinking we might move it up a bit.

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Stockton Record: Eric Hu posted on “America’s Most Wanted” Web site

Eric Hu, a fugitive who is wanted on charges of attempted murder, has made the big time. His mug has been reported on the “America’s Most Wanted” Web site, according to a Stockton Record report published Wednesday.

I first blogged about Hu on April 27, following a wild manhunt that started in my neighborhood.  We live in a pretty decent neighborhood. Decent is a relative term in Stockton, mind you. One of the joys and challenges of living in such a diverse city is the utter unpredictability of neighborhoods and public spaces. Horrendous crimes have occurred in high end retail centers, while our church, clearly on a slightly shabby part of town, feels very safe to me.

Eric, if you’re reading, please turn yourself in. Violence isn’t the way to go. Your life still has a purpose, and God’s hand is not shortened that it cannot save you.


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Blast them skeeters!

As many of you know, we live in Stockton, Calif., which I’ve come to realize is a huge breeding ground for the dreaded mosquito. I should have realized this when I noticed several levees as we were driving through the city. It appears that mosquitoes like water, too.

I must have killed close to 20 mosquitoes yesterday. These wretched little things camp out in front of our door like homeless little vampires waiting for a handout. We can’t open our door without letting a few of the little monsters inside. I’m going to apply some bug spray over the entire entryway of our apartment in the dim hope that they will take pity on us and go bug someone else.

Please take a moment and watch the wacky and hilarious mosquito cartoon from the Animalada 3-D animation studio. It takes your mind off of the itching, if only for a moment.

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My first neighborhood manhunt!

A man awaiting trail on attempted murder charges escaped County Jail April 9 with the help of his girlfriend — who he tried to kill.

Eric Hu, 32, was spotted in my neighborhood around noon Thursday. He was shopping for carjacking victims. A 6 1/2-hour manhunt ensued. When I came home shortly before 5 p.m. after my boss sent me home to check on the missus, there were 4 public safety helicopters circling a large perimeter around my neighborhood.

Hu repaid a visit to my hood about 10 p.m. Thursday — where his relatives live — to try and carjack someone else, launching another manhunt that lasted until midnight. They came up empty and he’s still on the loose.

I would have placed a mugshot of Hu, but Stockton PD doesn’t have it on their site and the Stockton Record won’t let me copy the photo or the url. So much for public safety.

The drama continues. Stay tuned.

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