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Do not leave your zucchini unattended

I hadn’t checked on my zucchini in a week. When the wife and I took a look a moment ago, we found these. Yikes! They didn’t look that big on the package. I guess we’re giving some of these away.

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And yet…

I still have doubt about whether I belong in Seminary. I wonder if my time, talents and money would be better suited at a graduate level creative writing program somewhere — not that I could find that around here.

Because I work full time, have an active life at church and enjoy sunlight, I have elected to attend school part time. But at my current pace, it will take a L-O-N-G time to complete my degree: five years on the low end, 7.5 years on the high end. This is after I’ve invested 1.5 years into the program. Even if I were a full-time student, it would take me about four years to complete the Master of Divinity program from start to finish.

I realize it’s about the journey, but when the journey is in a ’73 Ford Galaxie with vinyl seats, no air conditioning and a motor that tops out at 50 miles per hour, the quality of the journey is severely compromised.


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OK, this theme isn’t working

I’ll have to toy around with this during the summer when I have more time.

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What I’ve been doing in my extended absence

I didn’t take an extended vacation from blogging because I had nothing to say. No, this nearly two month absence was the result of feeling world-weary and burned out. It seemed like I made time for everyone except myself. I had more business contacts than friends, I wasn’t eating or sleeping well, I hadn’t read a book for pleasure in ages and I didn’t have a hobby. So, I went off in search of myself. Here’s what I found.


I found my old friend, Kelly (center), who celebrated his 40th birthday. Jerry Jimenez (right) completed The Californian survivor’s — er, alumni, meeting. (The woman at the far left is Jerry’s fiancée.) Kelly is also a new dad. He and his wife are already great parents. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer couple.


I found the wife makes excellent chile rellenos. And to think she has been sandbagging for nearly five years while I languished in the land of tofu and whole wheat. The nerve.

dscf6402.jpg dscf6416.jpg

I helped plan my mother’s 60th birthday party. When planning a large gathering, don’t overlook the savory simplicity of a taqueria as a caterer. We went this route and couldn’t have been happier. The guests raved about the tacos and from the host’s perspective, having the guests negotiate their own tacos (amount, fillings, etc.) made life so much easier.

dscf6870.jpg dscf6661.jpg

I found I’m a pretty decent gardener. I’m growing a vegetable garden largely from seeds. It has been an exercise in patience. There’s only so much watering, plant food, soil aeration and repositioning in sunlight a novice gardener can do, the rest is up to the plant. I’ve learned there are some things I simply cannot control. And when I try to force my will on a tiny seedling, I kill it. I planted most of my vegetable seeds in January. Here we are in the beginning of April and they’re growing, but it will be months before I pick my first tomato.


I found that bulbs take a long time to sprout from the earth, even longer if you have a lot of shade on your property.


I found that with enough water and a shovel, even the most towering, unwelcome shrub will die.


I found that the tactical placement of fully grown annuals is necessary for preserving one’s sanity when the impatiens and violas one planted from seed didn’t grow, even after months of watering, repositioning and plant food.


I found that my pastor trusts me enough to let me preach on Sunday morning. It’s a humbling, hilarious and horrifying thought. I had too much to say to be nervous. I had a blast and I pray someone’s life was touched by what God put on my heart.

OK, this is enough for a first post. I don’t want to send all of you into shock. Your deprived little eyeballs wouldn’t recover from it.


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Protected: Pew Forum: Muslim Americans: Middle Class and Mostly Mainstream

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Protected: Oscar loses fight. ON CINCO DE MAYO!

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Probando, probando si!

This site is still a work in progress. I expect to make the full conversion to WordPress after the end of this quarter. In the meantime, I’m still updating to my old site. Stay tuned …

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