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Five years of wedded bliss

The wife and left the maddening heat of the city and headed for Calaveras County (yes, of the Celebrated Jumping Frog variety), where my dear had spied out a nice place for us to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary. The establishment had a quaint garden in the front, where we retired when it was tolerable to be outside. The Central Valley heat has been relentless this week.

In five years we have lived in four different places, have been members of three different churches, have had three visits to the emergency room (all my doing), one appendectomy followed by an extended hospital stay, worked at six different places (four for me, two for the wife), endured one blown clutch, one blown transmission, sold one car and purchased another, purchased a home and slew of other statistics I can’t remember.

We made it. We’re making it. We will make it. Of all my accomplishments, I am probably most proud of finding my wife on the Internet, chatting her up, getting a first date, a second, a third and eventually a “yes” when I asked her to marry me.

I love you, dear. Here’s to five more.


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The Mac is in the shop

The wife says I look like Lon Cheney from nearly a week of packing, so I’ll make this quick. The Mac is indeed in the shop, apparently the victim of my ham-handed typing and knack for spilling water on the keyboard. I didn’t spill much but it doesn’t take much, as I learned from the local authorized repair shop staff.

If all goes according to plan, I should have my Mac back by tomorrow, er, today or Friday. Thank goodness for Apple Care, the warranty repair program for klutzes like me. Our poor children. My wife is an absolute klutz, too. We’re hoping the klutz genes work like an algebraic equation and one will cancel out the other. Will we raise circus acrobats or Buster Keatons?

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The wife returns, civilization restored

The wife returned this, er, yesterday afternoon after a week’s absence visiting her family in Southern California. Her 85-year-old father, a.k.a. The Indestructible Little Mexican Man, continues to do well.


I’ll send another dispatch tomorrow, now that my week of bachelorhood has come to a close.

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